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Aura Offerings


Receive your magical AURA PHOTO plus a five minute interpretation & energy reading.

Energy Exchange  $30


Receive the ability to view your beautiful auric body and connect with your body's energetic systems with a professional full-color aura portrait and 23-page aura, chakra and personality analysis, including graphs and visual energy imaging.  This is a 15-minute session including an extended consultation with our energy experts with personalized recommendations for improved balance and harmony in your chakras and energetic body.

Energy Exchange $60

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Activation Package

Take your energetics to the next level with our activation package! 

This includes our Third Eye features, auric clearing, chakra balancing and energetic alignment based on your aura report during a personalized healing session with Victoria or Chris.  Through this work you will receive support to clear and strengthen your aura, and to release energetic blocks in your chakra system and energetic body.  Leave empowered with techniques and tools that you can take home to continue your healing journey.

Healing modalities employed in sessions are individualized by need and typically include reiki, shamanic techniques, crystal healing, guided visualizations, intuitive and empathic guidance, connection to spirit guides and sound and aroma therapy.  

Energy Exchange $150 - $250

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