Chris Carlone

Chris is a professional photographer and videographer. His photos have been published in Entertainment Weekly, LA Weekly, Village Voice, Huffington Post and Vice News. His album cover photos include Grammy Award Winner Susan McKeown, White Hills, Nora Keyes and Eartheater.  In his energy work, Chris is a Reiki Master who infuses reiki with Shamanic practices to support clients in clearing, balancing and strengthening their auras and chakras to bring about increased energy, clarity and peace of mind.  Chris completed his End of Life Doula Training program with INELDA (International End of Life Doula Association) last summer and currently volunteers with Hospice of New York, where he finds deep satisfaction in providing personal hospice care to those in need.  Additionally, Chris is an accomplished and prolific musician, performer and visual artist with a portfolio spanning 30 years. Chris is inspired to help others become more aware of their own energy while supporting them to become healthier and more balanced.